First time in my life that I felt very comfortable. The procedures were painless, the service is great. Dr Ravin is fantastic. Sincerely, John M.

Before having my teeth done, I was always self-conscious about smiling. I would never smile without placing my hand over my mouth to cover my teeth. After, I cannot tell you how a day doesn’t go by where someone comments on my teeth… from family to friends and strangers! Elaine

Well if anyone hates taking the chair it’s me! Actually, I’ve been through the mill with dentists. I found your agency in the “yellow pages” of all places. So I remember my first appointment, WOW, the office staff was so friendly. I am on disability and I never thought I would have money to pay for all the intensive dental care. My top teeth were first – and I believed Dr. Ravin could and would give me the smile I always wanted. It really wasn’t easy keeping my mouth open and biting. I knew I could get through it. I suffer from anxiety and Dr. Ravin and I told jokes. As each treatment took place – everything was explained fully. I even called Dr. Ravin on her holidays and she called me back. After all, they say you have to be pretty – but it is all worth it to have a beautiful smile. I love Dr. Ravin and I recommend her very highly. Sandra

I just wanted to say in a few words The Intermed Dental Care is one of the Best. I have never in my life seen a Dental Care like this. Jarek T.

I am very pleased with Dr. Roman’s service as well as the staff. Taking the time to do very good work means a lot to me. M.S.

I love my new teeth! They have given me much more confidence. I feel comfortable now giving a big smile. Alex Rodionov

Not only did the cosmetic dentistry correct an overlap on my front tooth, but my teeth look fantastic in comparison! Wish I had done this even sooner. Dr. Ravin was great and patient through it all. Dermot

I was in your clinic on Dorset St today having two crowns re-attached after they came lose. I am a patient with extreme phobia of dental treatments.

I just wanted to write and say thank you for your time and care today. Not only was the appointment on short notice, but the dentist whom attended to my problem was extremely patient and is an example for his profession to take note of.

His approach to what was a stressful task (for both patient and himself and other staff members) given the nature of the phobia was exceptional.

Additionally there was also a dental assistant whom assisted in calming me down. Her actions and words reminded me of my dentist and his staff whom have spent over 6 months gaining my trust and medicating me to make the experience less of a problem (Today was great, I was not on a sedative and had only mild reaction, when I say extreme I mean it, I have exceptional extreme phobia and reaction). Again another example of your staff going above and beyond. Its a stressful situation to find oneself in and the way they dealt with it was fantastic.

I will make sure to tweet, facebook and ensure as many people know about your clinic. AJ McKee

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